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Contract Negotiations
​January 17,2019

Committees are now being formed to begin Contract Negotiations for the upcoming School Year (2019 -2020).

If you are interested in joining a Committee or helping in any way you can, please contact us.  Use the yellow button below to send us a message and your contact information. We will get back with you as soon as we can with additional information on how you can help.

Check back for updates as preparation and Negotiations get underway.

Contact Us
January 30, 2019

Insurance Negotiations

Pre-negotiations will begin on January 31, 2019.  
AFSCME 2227 will be teaming up with the Teachers (PEA) to Negotiate our Insurance portion of the contract.

This will ensure that all Employees working under Bargaining Agreements get the same Coverage under their Contracts.

Our goal is to Negotiate Terms for Health Insurance before we accept terms for Language and Pay.

Check back periodically to get updates on details.

Introducing your Superintendent's Insurance Committee:

  • Larry Milhorn
  • Neil Devine
  • Jackie Kelley
  • LIsa Burke
  • Margie Patterson
  • Ethel Harris
  • Peggy Morey​
February 17, 2019

  AFSCME #2227's, Superintendents Insurance Committee, has begun preparing and meeting with Representatives from the District Office.

  This is a daunting task. The picture above is just some of the graphs, charts, facts, and figures that the Committee must go over and make sense of, before any Negotiating can take place. (the text in the pic is intentionally blurred, as this is the preliminary round and numbers are not final)

  This year, AFSCME 2227 has decided to work with the PEA (Teachers Union) and Negotiate our Health Plan before making decisions on our Bargaining Agreements. Too many times, the District has penalized our Health Plan as a direct result of our Bargaining Agreement terms. Also, there is Strength in Numbers. By working with the PEA, we can combine all of our resources and knowledge and insure we ALL get the best Health Coverage possible.

  Our next official Health Negotiation Meeting, including AFSCME 2227, PEA, and the District will take place on March 6, 2019 at the PEA Building in Bartow.

  AFSCME 2227, Superintendents Insurance Committee Members are:

* Larry Milhorn * Neil Devine *Jackie Kelly
* Lisa Burke * Margie Patterson *Ethel Harris
* Peggy Morey

Please show support for our Negotiators as they fight for our well being. Sign the Guest Book (above left) and let them know you have thier back!

Thank you, from the Officers & Staff of #2227
Contract Negotiations have been completed.

All three books: Yellow, Lime, and Green have been Ratified.
The Contracts now go before the "School Board" to be approved by our elected School Board Members.
Your paychecks and Health Insurance coverage will not change.  The new, amended Bargaining Agreements will be posted online in the coming months.
If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to contact us.

If you would like to help with next years Negotiations, please contact us.
We will begin preparations after the first of the year.