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 If you have not recieved a membership card, the number to call is 1-202-429-1000
originally posted Sept 30, 2018

On September 29, 2018, over 225 Members of Local #2227 cast their ballots to ratify the new contract for the 2018 - 2019 School Year.

All three "Books" (green, lime, yellow) passed by an overwhelming majority:

Green Book passed................40 yes - 1 no
Lime Book passed..................46 yes - 0 no
Yellow Book passed..............138 yes - 4 no

We'd like to thank all the Members for coming out to vote, and a big thank you for the entire #2227 Officer and Negotiations Team.

Main bargaining points were: all Employees get at least one Step, at least a 1.5% raise per Employee, and Bus Driver/Attendant Pay Adjustments

We hope to soon have links to the new online contracts and insurance coverages. Until then, you can go to, and sign into the new Hub for the School Board.

Thank you​

​March 16, 2019

Thank you Peggy....

  As of March 16, 2019, AFSCME 2227 has accepted the 
resignation of Peggy Morey - Vice President of Custodial Services.

​ Peggy's resignation takes effect immediately. Her decision was due to personal reasons.

  Since taking Office approximately two years ago, Peggy has worked and fought hard for our Members, especially the Custodial Staff, taking charge of many issues for our Members. Including: spearheading the formation of Focus Groups with the District, winning grievances for Members, obtaining the new style of shirts for Custodial Staff, working on language changes in our Bargaining Agreements, working with Management and Principals on behalf of Members, and many other duties that contributed to improving the quality of life through obtaining better working conditions.

​ Peggy wanted to stress that she is not "quitting" the Union, but just stepping down from the elected position. She vows to continue the fight, but not in the capacity of an elected official. She also wanted all of the Custodial Staff to know how hard of a decision this was and hopes they don't feel as though she abandoned them.

​ Please join the Officers and Staff in thanking Peggy for her endless hours of commitment and service on the behalf of all the Members of AFSCME 2227.

Thank you Peggy, and may you find happiness and success in your future endeavors.
March 20, 2019


  At the moment, AFSCME 2227 is experiencing some growing pains. 
​Earlier this week, our VP of Custodial Services, Peggy Morey, resigned her position due to personal reasons.

  Today (March 20, 2019), our Secretary, Danielle Mercer, submitted her resignation in order to pursue further education to provide a better life for herself and her family.

  Local 2227 wishes both of these ladies good luck in their future endeavors.

  That being said, it has created some confusion amongst our Membership. AFSCME 2227 is still in full operation and able to meet all of your needs.

  Temporarily, our Executive VP, Neil Devine and our Chief Steward, Randy Detrick, will be filling in to take care of Custodial Services business. The rest of the Officers and Executive Board Members will collectively be filling the duties of Secretary. This is a temporary arrangement to keep things flowing until we can officially fill the vacant positions in the near future.


  Even though the VP position is currently vacant, Local 2227 is still willing and able to represent you proficiently. Neil has held the position of VP - Custodial in the past and Randy has had many positions and has vast experience over the years.

  If you are in need of Custodial Services Representation or Consultation, you may contact Neil, Randy, or any of our Officers you feel the most comfortable with. If you are unclear on who to contact, you may also contact me direct, and I will talk you through the process and find the right Officer to help you through your situation.

  Our Union is made up of many. Just because we may be missing a peice or two, we are still here with the ability to provide you with Comprehensive Representation.

  To contact an Officer, follow the button below and select an Officer for their contact information, or call/text Matt at 863-242-8326 to be directed to the best suited representative for you. 

Thank you,

Matthew Ager
IT Specialist